Phase I – NCCA Certified Christian Counseling Courses

Workbook: Introduction to Christian Counseling
Textbook: Telling Yourself the Truth
Online: Basic Christian Counseling

Workbook: The Christian Home
Textbook: Fantastic Families
Online : Temperament Theory

Workbook: Basic Counseling Psychology
Textbook: Telling the Truth to Troubled People
Online: Christian Counseling: Integrating Temperament & Psychology

Workbook: Introduction to Temperament Therapy
Textbook: Spirit-Controlled Temperament
Online: Testing & Measurements

Textbook: Conquering All Fears
Online: None

Workbook: Temperament Therapy Practicum
Textbook: Justified
Online: Temperament Therapy

Phase II - NCCA Licensed Pastoral Counselor

Textbook: Transformed Temperaments by Tim LaHaye

Textbook: Why You Act The way You do

Textbook: I Love You, But Why Are We So Different

No books required

Phase III- Clinical License & MA Degree

Cognitive Therapy & Ethics

Textbook: Love Is A Decision by Smalley and Trent

Textbook: The Temperament God Gave You by Art & Loraine Bennett

Textbook: Christian Counseling Ethics by Sanders

Textbook: Happiness Is A Choice by Minirth & Meier

Death & Grief Therapy

Textbook: Overcoming Anxiety and Depression by Phillips

Textbook: Making Anger Your Ally by Neil Clark Warren

Textbook: Joy In The Morning by Barbara Hanna

Textbook: Love Is A Choice by Hemfelt & Minirth M.D.